What is PAYWAY top up machine?

        In general, most of the mobile top up is by buying a top up card and then scratch at the back of the card to put in the specified number, which is cumbersome and the minimum top up value. Therefore, we have created a machine, which is so called “PAYWAY top up machine” to support the top up as mentioned previously and easy to use.

What is the principle of the PAYWAY top up machine?

        The principle of the PAYWAY mobile top up vending machine has very simple steps, not complicated and able to use from children to adults. You have just to walk to the front of the machine and choose the network you would like to top up. Currently, there are 5 networks to choose namely BSNL, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Tata Docomo and Reliance. After that, you choose the value you would like to top up, which it has many values. Then press the mobile phone number you would like to top up. Afterward, the machine will inform you to insert coins. There is going to be a service fee which the owner of the machine can choose. When all the required coins were inserted, the machine will process and top up to the specified number. There is also going to be a top up confirmation sms send to that number as well.

What is the benefit of the owner of the PAYWAY top up machine?

        The owner of the mobile top up vending machine will earn double profits.
        Earning 1: Obtain the service fee every time the customers use the machine and able to set the fee by himself.
        Earning 2: return from the network service providers

What is the feature of the PAYWAY top up machine?

        In fact, the automatic mobile top up vending machine of each company has similar operation except that PAYWAY has 2-3 additional functions for customers. These are such as the instruct of the machine usage procedure by human sound; screen has similar color as mobile phone, which make itattractive to use; additional light bulb on the machine, in case for the night time, the light bulb will automatically on; and many other functions, which you can find in the properties of the machine section.

Is it difficult to install?

        You only have to find a plug socket because the machine requires no installation at all. By placing the machine and plug in, the machine is ready to operate. After that, the owner of the machine is responsible to top up the SIM. When the money in the SIM is almost run out, there is a reminding call to the owner of the machine to top up the SIM. There are many channels to top up the SIM whether via ATM or counter service of each network service provider. The other responsibility of the owner of the machine is to collect the money at the machine.

What is the electricity consumption of the machine?

        Our machine consumes electricity of approximately 30-60 Rupee average per month.

What are the breakeven point and the usage amount?

        This depends on the location whether how well the location is and are there any competitors. However, from asking the customers, the usage amount is approximately 50 people per day and top up at 100 Rupee per time, on average. This implies that you can have a pay back within 6 months. This is strongly depended on the location because certain customers may have a payback period of only a few months.

What is a suitable location like?

        The suitable location for the top up vending machine business can be anywhere whether a university, school, factory, dormitory, apartment, market and community that have a lot of people. Because the better the location, the faster the payback period.

What do I have to do if I am interested to be a distributor?

        You should directly call us because we can describe the details of what you should do and if you qualification meets our requirements.

What do I have to do if I would like to order a machine?

        You must pay a deposit of 5,000 Rupee and pay the rest when receiving the machine.