In the present age 2017/2018, communication patterns have been further developed especially the mobile phone usage. Nowadays, almost 90% of population in every country in the world have mobile phones for communication with each other. In the same time, the mobile phone has been further developed than we can expect. Thus, this means we can communicate with each other faster, easier and many channels.

        In every country where the mobile phone network exists, there are always more than one mobile phone network service providers. In many countries, there are more than 5 network service providers; and every network service providers, there are two major service channels in general.


Channel 1: postpaid monthly plan

        Most of the customers of postpaid monthly plan are in a level that requires convenience in the aspect that they do not have to top up when they used up the money. Typically, it is the mobile phone usage for a whole month and paid at the end of the month or the billing period as defined by the service providers. Mostly it is used by customers that make frequent and a lot of outgoing calls, and do not have to control their mobile phone expenses; or it is used as office mobile phone numbers by group of companies and have higher mobile phone expenses.

        The difficulty of this plan is the calling for payment from customers who used over their financial amount and make the payment later than the due date. For certain customers, when they have too high arrears that they could not afford to pay, they closed the mobile phone or changed the number and finally changed the network service provider. Hence, it is the burden of the service providers that they must continue to press the claim for their debt.

        This group of customers has the ability to pay more than usual.

Channel 2: prepaid top up plan

        This prepaid plan is the top up with sufficient amount for usage and must top up every time the money runs out. This prepaid top up plan is the most popular in every country and has many times higher usage rate than the postpaid plan. It may be considered as the major group of customers for mobile phone network providers in many countries. This prepaid top up plan is suitable with every group of customers; all genders, all ages: children, adults and teenagers including working age. This plan allows the users to conveniently and more effectively control their callings expenses.

        The method to top up the mobile phone is to purchase a top up prepaid card from a shop that sell the cards which are located everywhere in each area. After that, scratch the card in order to get a pin. Then input the pin into the mobile phone according to the procedure.

        The difficulty of this plan

  1. Increase the cost of the network service providers in printing the top up card
  2. Shops which are representative must sufficiently stock the top up card of each amount and of each network service provider in order to satisfy customers’ need.
  3. There are only a few distributors in some areas and do not cover to all area. Therefore, the users have inconvenience in purchasing the top up card.
  4. In some countries, there is a top up service between mobile phones. This causes a delayed service because the service providers can service only 1 number at a time.
  5. In some countries, the distributors will sell the top up card at the price over than the value on the card and deduct the money from the top up card to be less than the value on the card. This make the customers have to pay for the card higher than it should be and receive less financial amount than the value on the card.